In avenging mode….

This is a film I can’t say much about. Because there would be far too many spoilers. Needless to say, the things that fans have speculated about for so long all form part of Avengers: Endgame. What did Dr. Strange mean about the 1:14 million chance; the quantum realm – whatever happened to Scott Lang, and how did he get out – the truth is slightly underwhelming, but his experience allows all our remaining heroes to find a modicum of hope; can’t we use the time stone…somehow?

But are our heroes in the right frame of mind to do anything about it? Stark, having connected with Captain Marvel (whom we all knew was going to have a role to play in saving the universe) has different priorities now, Clint Barton has had to deal with tragedy in his own devastating way, Natasha is reluctantly in charge of the Avengers, the Hulk is a selfie-snap celebrity and Thor, well, Thor is enjoying his beer in New Asgard, at the expense of his belly. But at least his ability to make light of everything remains in tact, giving the audience a chance to laugh. Captain America is a counsellor, and of course, always finding the positive in everything, although even he seems to be masking great pain. Rocket just rolls with the punches, but it’s Thanos’ other daughter, Nebula, who ends up being a critical player in this film, and creating a sucker punch.

The film runs to just under 3 hours, and it’s hard to imagine how you could sort the universe out in less. Somewhat surprising, the time flies, through the bad times and the good, with our focus firmly on how the team assemble again to try and bring hope back to the world. We spend just enough time with each, revelling in their changed personalities and approach to the post-Thanos universe. The challenge has always been to ensure that the main featured characters get enough screen time for you to care about them, and by the skin of its teeth, Endgame delivers. And if it rushes to its end a little, after a long build up, it’s perhaps understandable, there’s so much to wrap up in the extended running time.

The anticipation for Avengers:Endgame was always going to be high, and it didn’t disappoint me or the 13 year-old. In fact, he’s going back again tomorrow for a second dose. ‘Expect the unexpected’ as well as play out in your head the fan theories on how to reset the world and you more or less have what this film has to offer. An immensely satisfying and rip-roaring finale, which will give you a little brain ache trying to keep up with the logic of it all. And then the title says it all, there are no more games to play.